Website Flipping and Blog Flipping - the Perfect Online Business?

Hi, I'm Peter Goodman and I've spent the last 5 years trying to find a way of making money online that met some fairly strict criteria. I've tried just about everything, I've made money in some and lost money in others, but I think website flipping and blog flipping is just about the perfect online business if you HAVE to be sure you'll make money, and if it HAS to be reasonably quick money (in 1 - 7 days).

You won't make millions but it's easy to make hundreds and even thousands a month; if you want to treat it professionally, as a business, then the potential exists to make 5 figures a month from a "regular" workweek.

(Want to cut to the chase? See for yourself HERE and HERE.)

Whether it suits YOU or not depends on what you're looking for in an online income generator. Here's the basis for my opinion.

1. If I only have an hour or two to spare I can convert it into a simple blog that I can flip for anywhere between $50 and $200 by putting it up for sale immediately.
I don't need any technical skills (although I do have some, I don't need them).
You just need to know how to follow instructions on website flipping or blog flipping, provided you have access to the right training (I'll tell you where I got mine, later).

2. If I'm prepared to spend some effort getting traffic to the blog, and monetizing it with Adsense, affiliate offers, or a CPA offer... with the traffic-getting tools I use we're only talking about 2 hours or so, but if I had to do it manually then 4 or 5 hours over a month ... as I say, if I'm prepared to do that extra work then I can expect to sell that blog in one month for 5- to 10- times the income I made in that month.

So for example, one blog with less than $90 in Adsense income after 3 weeks sold recently for $1440 ... I'd expected it to sell for $600 but sometimes the market is kind. That blog flip would probably have earned more after 3 months proof of income, but again ... markets do vary from week to week. No guarantees.

3. If I want to I can keep the blog as a stream of income. They don't make a lot of cash ... typically $50 to $150 a month, but sometimes up to $300 a month ... but 5 of these can form a very nice car payment each month, 20 of them can become a base income of $2000 to $3000. With some focus (and the tools I use) then 10 - 15 blogs a month isn't out of reach, ... that means niche researched, domain chosen, blog created, 5 posts added, with some traffic starting up and some income starting to show after 1 or 2 weeks.

Now let me be clear, I'm not guaranteeing you any money. Your mileage might vary, as they say. If you choose the right topics, your Blogs are likely to sell quickly; if you don't, they might not, so you have to be sensible about evaluating the opportunity for a blog flip or web flip for yourself. Effective training makes it clear how to do that research, of course. But this is the scale of the potential.

And there are many more characteristics that make this a great business.

4. The cost of flipping a blog like this is trivial. I pay $6.95 for a domain name with 1&1 (although it's $10.69  with GoDaddy, $9.69 with, and these both have some advantages over 1&1 when it comes to the ease of transferring the domain name to the buyer and also it gives buyers some comfort when they recognize the name of the registrar).

With Hostgator, you can have Web hosting with Unlimited Domain Hosting for Only $9.95 a Month, ie web hosting that allows me to have as many sites as I want, for $9.95 per month (I prefer to pay more for a Reseller account because it means I can offer hosting to my buyer after I've done a site flip, but you don't need to do that - Reseller Hosting Starts at $24.95 )

And when I list a site for sale I can pay up to $20 for the listing, depending on where I list it. There are several places you can list a site for sale. Make sure any training you buy teaches you the where-to and the how-to. 

Also, I can get artwork outsourced (just a graphic header) if I don't want to create my own ... but that's not essential.

And, I can get the articles for the Blog outsourced if I just want 5 posts in place to help me flip the blog ... we're talking less than $5 for the 5 if you do it the way I do.

 Taking it even further, instead of doing everything myself I can outsource almost all of the tasks. That way I swap a little cash for a lot of freed-up time.

6. I can sell products where I have an affiliate deal, or I can put CPA offers on these blogs, or I can put other advertising on them, or I can put Adsense on; and I can even sell my own product on a blog if I have one. Even without technical know-how, I can set this up so the first visitor sees an affiliate deal, the 2nd sees a CPA offer, the 3rd sees a different affiliate deal ... rotating between the 3 until I can see which offer is actually making the most money. When I can kill the others, of course.

7. I can scale a long way up.
For example, with the training I took, there's a strategy to build membership sites (rather than simple blogs) that can be sold for $2,000 or $3,000 in not much longer than a month, ... IF you follow the plan.

Or instead of building blogs I can buy websites, renovate them or improve them, and sell them for a heck of a lot more than I bought them for.

Sometimes there's the opportunity to pick up a site on eBay for a really cheap price(although I'd never SELL sites there unless I was desperate, you can't get enough cash to make it worthwhile), and with very little work to improve it you can flip it on (used to be called SitePoint, considered by most to be the best place to flip a blog or site) for a lot more than you paid.

8. I can do website or blog flipping from anywhere where I can have a laptop and an internet connection. A Starbucks coffee house with WiFi, or a beach somewhere (with WiFi). Anywhere. Anywhere in the world, basically.

9. Payment on delivery ... provided you structure the deal correctly (the training covers this stuff) you don't have to wait for weeks or months for the income like you can do with affiliate and CPA offers.

Now, a few months ago I knew NOTHING about flipping websites or blogs. And there really aren't a lot of products out there that provide decent training.  Here are two I can recommend ... one because I bought it, the other because it's by the same people.

One is a 21-week course, it's the course I took. The first month is all about blog flipping which is perfect, because it gets you into the process and generating some cash very quickly.  Weeks 1 and 2 walk you through how to go from zero to a sale-able blog, week 3 explains a special type of blog which simply adds content over time without you doing anything; and week 4's material is all about where and how to sell the blogs, and how to get paid. There are typically multiple videos per week's lesson (not so in week 3, where the one video as you watch the guy create the blog from the ground up is 45 minutes long).

The other is a Masters course, where you get access at one time to 9 DVD's worth of intensive, detailed and comprehensive material.

Both of these are from a couple of interesting characters in their own right.

In a lot of ways, he is sort of a blue-collar guru ... a big guy, very little style (no offence intended!), easy to picture him on the deck of his house, jeans and a vest, sucking on a cold beer. And I'll bet he owns a truck. Even his best friends wouldn't call him stylish. But what he is, is EFFECTIVE. He knows his stuff cold (he's very much in demand as a speaker on site flipping), his course material is good, and he's a good teacher. His material is EXTREMELY detailed. 

His wife also takes on some of the training, she's also very good at this stuff, she knows what she's talking about and her videos are equally well done and equally detailed.

Both of them get personally involved in a lot of support issues; I've had dialogue with both of them on support topics, they're always very friendly and as I say, very effective.
If this interests you, check their material out:

Click this link to learn more about the very affordable 21 Week Coaching Program

Click this link to learn more about the 9-DVD Home Study "Masters" course.

Good hunting.

Peter Goodman - website flipping

Peter Goodman

PS Something I'm always asked: but doesn't blogging mean you have to keep coming up with new material?

Well ... if you're going to flip a blog you really only need 5 posts maximum; some flip the blog with a single post, others will set it up with perhaps 5 posts and also offer 5 or 10 more to the buyer as a bonus. And there are tricks you can use to come up with the content. It's not difficult to write it yourself, and it's easy to outsource it.

But if you're intending to keep the blog as a revenue stream then it does pay to keep adding more content over time, to keep the Blog "fresh" in Google's eyes. But you don't NEED to. And anyway, even if you want to do this, the courses I mentioned show you a way of having content automatically created and posted; or, you can outsource this easily and cheaply. Website flipping and Blog Flipping are pretty much ideal projects for outsourcing.