Infant Laxative

Some infants really don't like having bowel movements, probably because they have felt soreness before, and now refuse to go. This resistance can cause constipation because the feces have become hard and compacted, creating bowel movements even more painful. Several moms and dads will be tempted to look into an infant laxative.

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Here are some questions you may ask yourself to figure out whether your child is constipated or not.

- when has been the last time that the child went to poo ?

- has the child had less than their regular amount of bowel movements these few days?

- were their stools hard and dried up?

- is it painful when the go to the toilette?

- have they got stomach cramps or a swollen tummy?

- are they complaining of being nauseous?

- is the toddler looking skinnier?

- have they been throwing up for no evident reason?

- are their underpants regularly dirty with clay-like or fluid feces?

Should you have answered yes to several of the preceding then you'll know you'll want to do something and help your child. How can you help your child with his bowel obstruction without baby laxatives?

- get your kid to consume more fluids, ideally water.

- if they are above 9 months of age then some prune juice combined with water ought to help.

- ensure that their diet plan is high in fiber dried fruits like prunes and raisins is an easy way to give dietary fiber to a baby.

- reduce their sugar intake

- licorice can be a very good baby laxative and it is a better choice than medication which should only be offered with your doctor's consent.

- make sure they are getting enough exercise - it may be reflection of a sluggish metabolism.

In the event the bowel problems doesn't go away then it is best to consult your family physician for assistance as it may be indicative of something more serious. Baby laxatives may be recommended.

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