Information About The Best Small SUV For Sale In The Vehicle Industry

Compact SUVs or small SUVs have caught the attention of SUV aspirants, which have been going to purchase a SUV for quite some time. Compared to a bigger SUV, a small SUV is reasonable as it costs less. Though it may not have the cargo capacity of a bigger SUV, the smaller SUVs still have a better cargo capacity when compared with a station wagon.

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Smaller SUVs have the capacity to accommodate five adults and in some small SUV versions, there can be an additional third row that could be occupied by the children in the family. The starting price of some small SUVs is $15,000 just in case one wants some top quality features and facilities, then they could go for the higher end smaller SUVs that cost around $30,000.

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The best compact SUVs comprise of GMC Terrain, Volkswagen Tiguan, Audi Q5 and Acura RDX. Compact SUVs have the ability to provide better braking and accelerating facilities compared to the mid size and bigger SUVs, because of their smaller size and lower weight. With the best small SUVs on the market place, the GMC Terrain scores over its competing smaller suv competition in terms of providing better gas mileage and also offering a pleasant riding experience for its occupants.

It offers a mileage of 32 miles per galloon which is an excellent option for an entry level SUV. The Volkswagen Tiguan is also a top compact SUV that comes with an awesome mileage of 26 mpg. This is a compact SUV that has been exclusively designed for driving on the city highways. The Tiguan comes with a turbo charged four-cylinder engine and offers fantastic riding comfort on different kinds of surfaces.

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The best compact SUV for many which was doing perfectly in this segment is the Audi Q5. Among the smaller SUVs, this Audi model comes in the premium category as it has got more space, premium leather upholstery than the other compact SUVs. This compact high-class SUV is included with a 10 speaker audio system. The Audi Q5 comes with a turbo charged four-cylinder engine or even with a V6 engine. The all tires drive system enables this SUV handle different types of terrain with ease and provides a great riding experience for the passengers traveling in it.

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The Acura RDX is a more compact suv and can be considered to be among the best compact SUVs available in the auto marketplace. This compact SUV from Acura has a sporty and smooth design and comes with an inline four-cylinder engine. This inline 4-cylinder engine has the capability to generate power that is equal to the power produced by a 6-cylinder engine.

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In addition to the best small SUVs pointed out here, some brand new designs have hit the market place in the recent past and have got good positive initial reviews from the auto specialists. This consists of compact SUV models from Kia, known as the Kia Sportage, the Escape by Ford and RAV4 by Toyota. Before planning to buy a SUV, it is better to compare the price and features available in a compact SUV with the same type of features that you can get in a mid size or luxury SUV and then take a call.

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