Need For Those Certified In EMT Training And Paramedic Training Is Growing

The demand for emergency medical services continues to grow with EMT job growth expected to rise by 9% over the next couple of years for both EMT Basic and EMT Paramedic. Particularly, an EMT paramedic will enjoy good job security, as emergency services and EMT trained personnel are a vital part of the healthcare system. Requirement of those certified in EMT training and paramedic training is on the rise. Availability of EMS training programs are on the rise. According to labor market statistics, job increase for emergency medical professional through 2012 will grow faster than the normal job market. One reason is due to the baby boomer generation who are getting into retirement age. As this aging community requires more need for medical care and services, the requirement for EMT Paramedics rises and EMT training becomes an important education.

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EMT paramedics have an advanced training than the EMT Basic. The basic courses for EMT training certification can be as short as 12 weeks or as long as six months. The EMT paramedic training required to become an authorized paramedic can take 12 to 24 months in general. Regardless of the EMT training, these EMT responders are in demand in a number of fields offering a wide range of vocational paths.

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Career options for EMTs and EMT paramedics are numerous and can vary widely depending on geographic locations. Once educated through EMT training, emergency medical personnel work as an ambulance paramedic (which include private ambulance services), fire department paramedic, hospital staff, rescue worker, emergency room staff, law enforcement paramedic, and life-flight (helicopter) paramedic.

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Some other fields of expertise where EMTs and EMT paramedics are found include such positions as tactical paramedics operating in police departments, maritime paramedic, hazardous materials (Hazmat) squads, search and rescue, paramedics on offshore oil platforms, oil and mineral exploration squads, nautical rescue, pharmacist mates on cruises, in addition to paramedics in the military. These positions require completion of a fully accredited EMT paramedic training.

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Some large cities in the US and other countries appoint an EMT or EMT paramedic as a "cycle responder", which is a first responder that makes use of a bicycle to react to a medical emergency. They are often used by professional ambulance services, police units, or nursing homes to respond to emergency calls in locations where sizeable populations are expected to gather. Particularly, these EMT cycle responders are used for maneuvering in massive crowds and often handle large public functions or celebrations, concerts, sporting events, parades, and even demonstrations. Anywhere that a large volume of people are in attendance, EMT services are necessary.

The EMT Training Programs To Study Combined With EMT Paramedic Training Programs For All
EMT training in a number of medical scenarios, which include but not confined to: airway maintenance, emergency oxygen administration, CPR, defibrillation AED, trauma assessment, splinting and bandaging, emergency childbirth and moving sufferers in an ambulance.

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Becoming An EMT Paramedic
Some of these are; High School diploma, age, physical, competency test, etc. When accepted into an EMT school or EMT training program, there are four levels of medical technician training and 3 levels of EMT training, each with a degree of certification.

Online Nursing Degree Programs In USA
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