Online Games Testing - Understand What A Tester Exactly Does And The Amount Of Compensation

Professional video game testing is apparently much better than many other work out there. Yet, being a paid video game tester, like all other job, does have its downsides. Admittedly, these downsides are only a few and far between, however they do exist and each & every tester has got to put up with them.

Becoming a professional video games tester does not have to be challenging. The truth is, it can be hassle-free if you happen to know what to do and what's involved.

How much money You'll Make as a Video Game Tester

There isn't any specific amount you'll begin making when you start testing video games for money. Different companies pay different wages, so it's a challenge to get give an exact figure about what a beta tester can or will be paid. In light of that fact, you should not wholeheartedly believe ads that state game testers get paid up to $120 per hour. Even if it's not technically a lie, it is not really truth either -- Beta game testers are paid well, just not that well.

Exactly how often have you been scolded throughout your early years for wasting too much time in front of the Computer playing games? A lot of times, most of you would say. However times are changing and how!

At a rate of $120 per hour, a tester could make $600 per day basically doing the job a small 5 hours. Actually, you'd be challenged to find a professional game tester that gets rewarded half that sum for a days worth of work.

Ball-Park Figures: The yearly salary of a video game tester can vary from a low $18,000 to a shocking $80,000 or more. The monthly salary could vary from $1500 to a high $6000. The weekly salary can very well be anywhere from $250 to a massive $2000.

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What you're paid as a professional game tester applies directly with the developer you're working for as well as the level of work you can take on.

What You may Do As A Paid Beta Games Tester

Regrettably, you won't just be playing video games through out the day. In truth, playing video games and testing video games are two COMPLETELY different matters. Although you'll still most surely have fun doing the job, it won't be as much fun as you originally thought. Why? Because there is actual worked involved with the testing procedure.

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Rather than just being paid to assess the "fun factor" of a video game, testers are compensated to discover what programmers cannot -- system defects and glitches. Game programmers can simply identify the larger bugs & glitches, but when it comes to the smaller, less noticeable ones, developers trust testers to get the task executed. In light of that fact, being a video game tester it is YOUR JOB to play a video game as much as it takes so you could find and document all known bugs and game breaking glitches -- find AND document!

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