The Serious Effects Of Sleep Deprivation - Are You Vulnerable?

If you look in the mirror in the morning and find out that you've got big black circles below your eyes, your energy level is very low and it is tough to think straight, you might be experiencing a medical condition known as sleep deprivation. This condition is brought on by insufficient sleep and can badly affect both your body and your brain. If you do not sleep the proper number of hours every night you may become fatigued, irritable and clumsy. Your ability to think, referred to as cognitive function, can also be impaired by not getting a sufficient amount of rest. Most sleep deprivation effects are unhealthy.

Sleeping disorders, or what many medical doctors and psychiatrists like to call Somnipathy, are disorders that have an effect on the regular sleep patterns of an individual. There are many different kinds of such disorders.

Medical health professionals have found that sleep deprivation effects can be split into 2 types; physiological and psychological. The physical effects of sleep deprivation include increased blood pressure, high stress hormone levels, painful muscles and headaches. Lack of enough sleep can also cause both obesity and diabetic issues. Sleep deprivation also has lots of mental problems connected with it, such as confusion, memory lapses, frustration, hallucinations and depression. Medical research studies have discovered that our brain's cognitive functions are adversely affected by sleep deprivation. Impaired tolerance to glucose resulting in a diabetic condition can even be caused by chronic sleep deprivation.

It's no surprise that so many have problems sleeping when you think about how demanding our lives have become. Naturally sleeping troubles are not only limited to people with stressful lives.

A few of the indications of sleep deprivation that should be watched for are things like the inability to concentrate, continuous irritability and hazy feelings of discomfort. Getting tired regularly part way through the day and a lack of hunger may also signal that the body isn't getting enough sleep. People who are sleep deprived may also catch infections often, feel shortness of breath and in most cases don't feel tired at bedtime. Experiencing any one of these symptoms does not necessarily indicate sleep deprivation since many of them could be caused by other medical conditions but a checkup is in order.

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The short term effects of sleep deprivation could be far reaching however, some of the more important are impairment of cognitive ability and memory, dropped alertness and performance and a lower quality of life. Sleep deprivation can result in injuries on the job and also bring about automobile injuries and death. Long-term sleep deprivation effects can be far more serious and include high blood pressure, stroke as well as heart attack. Chronic sleep deprivation can also cause intellectual impairment and psychological problems. It is important to both mental and physical health to get a sufficient amount of sleep each night.

Do you have any problem in sleeping? Have you been a persistent insomniac? Well, in case you said "Yes" to either of those questions, you should pay attention to these 5 natural sleeping remedies. These treatments, though seemingly very simple, are surprisingly helpful.

There are lots of common techniques which can be used in order to combat sleep deprivation side effects and probably the best known and most used one is having coffee or consuming caffeine in other ways. This can wake people up for short durations but isn't effective over the long term. Medical professionals suggest utilizing naps and stimulants or a combination of both of them to counter sleep deprivation. The only secure and safe method that sleep deprivation may be cured is to sleep for increased periods each night. This will make any symptoms you have been having go away.

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Do you have any problem in sleeping? Have you been a persistent insomniac? Well, in case you said "Yes" to either of those questions, you should pay attention to these 5 natural sleeping remedies. These treatments, though seemingly very simple, are surprisingly helpful.

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