Sell your site for more with these clever tricks - perfect if you're into selling sites, flipping blogs or flipping websites


Selling sites is a relatively new technique for making money, and there can be a lot of money to be made. For many, however, it's way of making some cash from neglected, poorly performing sites.

In both cases it's obviously desirable to squeeze as much money from the sale as possible.
And with this goal in mind, I've never known anyone focus-in on the specific act of SELLING a site in the way one particular Aussie has.

He's developed a set of tactics which are both ingenious and - once you've been exposed to them! -- common sense. And like most common sense, they are NOT common practice even among experienced site sellers.

In the next 2 weeks we'll be selling a site a week, and some of these are pretty weak sites ... old stuff that I've spruced up. We'll be using every one of this Aussie's tactics on each of the sales because they'll simply make us more money than if we didn't.

If you're into site selling or blog flipping ... you should take a look at this guy's video.