Strong recommendation for anyone wondering how to get started...

"20 Ways To Make
$100 Per Day Online"

$100 a day is the "First Step" target for a LOT of people wanting to quit their day jobs, ... that's $3000 a month. $36,000 a year. And there are so many ways to achieve this on-line it's almost ridiculous.

But not every method is a "good fit" for what YOU want.

20 ways to make $100 every day online

Perhaps you want to deal with people ... or avoid them like the plague. Be "out there" ... or work under a pen name. Maybe you want a "set and forget" opportunity, or one where you constantly want to be "tuned in," which helps keep others out. Do you want an opportunity that doesn't need a web site? Are you OK with one-time income or would you prefer residual fees?

Whatever ... you'll find something in this collection that will suit you.
Along with scores of links to free tools and resources to help you make it happen.

Each solution is described in detail, by a specialist. Even for an experienced marketer there are some great new ideas and insights. For someone new to making money on-line, this is a treasure chest of ideas and resources. But I've been in this game for 3 years now and I picked up some great ideas ... and one so-simple technique that is going to help my daughter pay back her hefty student loan.  

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Without traffic to your website or Blog, you will not make money.
And, getting traffic is the single biggest obstacle that EVERY Internet marketer jams their big toe against.

That's why there are scores of ebooks and several high-priced membership sites and subscription newsletters on Search Engine Optimization, SEO. Scores of ebooks and courses and membership sites on Pay Per Click advertising, for example, Google Adwords.

Well ... for the first time in the 5 years I've spent in this business, I've discovered something that's genuinely  close to a "Silver Bullet." (It isn't quite, because you do have to do a little work up front). If you do what this guide, the Ultimate Search Engine Loophole tells you -- and by the way it's easy, and it's guaranteed to work -- you'll get a VERY high rank for the appropriate keyword in MSN's Search Engine. And that converts to traffic.

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Now on to

What It Really Takes to Make Money Online...

It's NOT as simple as the experts would have you believe ...
but it IS do-able if you start with your eyes wide open!


  • Would even a few hundred extra bucks a month make a difference in your life?

  • Or are you exploring opportunities for a full time income from the 'Net? 

In case the "dummy" claim in my site name isn't clear enough, let me be explicit - I'm not a guru, a near-guru, or a wannabe guru. I almost chose the domain name "" for this site to make the point as clear as possible.

But you'll find information on this site that I wish I'd found when I first started looking to make money from the Internet, and my mantra became "make money, work at home." I doubt that you'll find another site like this anywhere; I've simply documented exactly what I'd have liked someone to have told me when I started out. It's intended to save you money, to help you make money, and it should save you many hours of research.

Internet Marketing: Immunity from any individual or corporation!

While I was making a decent income from a consulting job, I needed something that gave me an income stream that was immune from the actions of any one individual or corporation. Something that gave me the ability to absorb life's inevitable financial bumps; that gave me the ability to have the type of life, the quality of life, I wanted. I needed something that gave me independent power over my income.

The more I examined and researched Internet Marketing as a way of making money from home for my family, the more it met my mantra ... make money, work from home. And, the more it met some criteria I developed - including, being a solution for others, too, in my circle of family and friends.

For us, an absolute priority is to help our kids develop an income from online marketing that means they can choose whether they ever want a job; and, if they do want a job or career, to have the freedom to choose one for the love of it, knowing the money will always be there from their success in making money from home. Knowing they could stay at home and make money from the Internet when they have kids of their own. Knowing the money would flow even if they became full-time homemakers. Knowing they had the choice!

Now, I’m guessing that I am in a fortunate position that many of you do NOT share.

I’m fortunate enough to have a business, an income, and a business partner that allowed me to spend more than $15,000 on courses and software to learn a lot of what it really takes to make money on the Internet. And allowed me to invest the time to actually try it. To make mistakes. To get frustrated. To fall into the traps, and discover I'm not as bright as I look, which is a real shame because I don't look very bright, either. And eventually, despite it all ... to see money trickling in, gathering strength, and finally flowing in at rates that have begun to make a serious difference in our lives.

This is the time (and investment) I’m hoping to save you, with this site.

To give you some idea of scale …

  • One of my e-mail folders on my PC contains the incoming correspondence, ezines, newsletters, promos etc from more than 60 separate “gurus” or near-experts and their businesses. Each of these people has some contribution to make towards "how to make money on the Internet." Now I know which ones are worth listening to … and which ones are not.

  • I have a folder on my PC’s hard drive containing downloaded courses and reports and interviews that I’ve either paid for, or received for free; in this there are sub-directories for each “source” - for example, for each “expert” I bought or downloaded from. There are 103 of these “named” sub-directories … and one that contains 33 other documents from people I decided didn’t even justify their own folder!

    In total I have 4.7 GB of space used by this “library,” containing 3,960 unique files (at the moment I’m writing this). I’m guessing that more than 1000 of those files are courses, reports, ebooks, and mp3 interviews recorded from teleconferences. And I’ve read or listened to every one. Each has a contribution to make towards the "make money at home" objective. And to answer your unspoken question ... yes, I spent countless hours reading and listening and yes, I am indeed lucky my wife hasn't divorced me.

  • I have a 7’ X 3.5’ bookshelf, with 5 shelves, jam-packed with the courses and reports and books that came in 3-ring binders, or which I downloaded and decided were actually worth printing for reference. (95% were NOT worth it.) And another similar bookshelf half-full. And, a fair proportion of a 4-drawer filing cabinet filled with reports not worth putting in a binder or cover. All on the topic of "make money Online."

  • I pay $100 a month just for one newsletter. $30 a month for another; $10 for another, $7 for another. $30 a month for membership to each of three services that provide me with up-to-date information and useful tools. I pay more than $100 a month for access to another members-only forum. And so on. I can afford to trim a LOT of this input without losing any vital information... but I'm still enjoying the wide access, to be honest. There are always nuggets of gold to be found if you have the time to look.

And another luxury ... I have a wife, a student daughter, brother, niece, and friends who have been guinea pigs for my ability to communicate to them what I’ve learned (to them all, I can only say … I’m sorry!).

Despite all this background, I still feel I’m just at the beginning of a long journey. But at least I'm being paid to take that journey, these days!

You choose the scale of income you want ... but be prepared to work at it

If you want to make just a few hundred bucks a month from the Internet … for most people willing to learn and put some effort in, it’s do-able. It can even be formula-ized … do this, this, this and that and you’ll get there. It does NOT have to take a lot of time once you've learned what you're doing. This site will tell you many of the ways to make money online, through a side-line income.

If you want to make a full-time income … then this site is equally of value. But be aware, you’re moving into another realm. A six-figure income is the holy grail for many Internet Marketers. It takes effort. And focus. While most full-time marketers point to a life of leisure as the reward for success in being able to make money on the Internet, to make money from home ... the truth seems to be that most of them work their asses off getting there, and staying there.

But what you need for the whole range of opportunities, from pocket money to piles of money, is knowledge. And what I learned to my dismay is that most of the knowledge I needed to make money online was NEW to me. Despite all my years in business. And even despite some experience in Direct Marketing.

Which is why, as I said ... this is the site I wish I’d found 12 months ago.

What you’ll find here includes:

  • A "been there, done that" introduction to many of the different legitimate money-making opportunities out there (not all ... but most of the accessible ones).

  • My opinion on these ... based on experience starting as a raw "newbie."

  • The range of income that some people are recording with these. To be clear, ... what you get out of them may differ enormously. My legal-man tells me to tell you to read my disclaimer!

  • Where appropriate, all the major elements needed to succeed with an opportunity. You can be sold something as "the solution" ... only to find you need 3 other things, too.

  • Opportunities that are as pure as the driven snow ... and others that are entirely legal but risk the wrath of the Search Engines that rule the Internet

  • The opportunities I discovered were harder than they sound!

  • Who to trust. And how to protect yourself against being wrong.

  • What I learned were the keys to Internet income. And how to develop some skills in these areas.

  • Tips and tricks I wish I’d learned 12 months ago. I’d have avoided a lot of Spam, for a start! 

The starting point I’d recommend is to take a look at my Reviews of Online Money-Making Opportunities.

Then, if any one of these interests you, click on the link that takes you to the page - usually a long, information-packed page - where I go into the details of the how-to, including some of the most basic skills you’ll have to pick up, the resources and services I recommend (free whenever possible), and some tips and tricks.

For example, how to set yourself up to give an e-mail address to people who offer downloads or mini-courses that interest you, without leaving yourself vulnerable to more e-mail spam.

Will you make money from these ideas? Of course, I cannot promise that. Only you control your actions, and decisions. But what I can tell you is that people are making money, sometimes very large amounts of money, doing the things I explain here. Sometimes doing them themselves; sometime outsourcing the grunt work to others, in order to invest their time on the thing that they do better than anyone else - marketing.

So, head over to Reviews of Online Money-Making Opportunities.

Have fun ... and make money!