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"20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online"

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there RIGHT NOW is
Affiliate Elite ... if

a) You know what you are doing!

b) You're interested in Affiliate Marketing

c) You have no ethical problem with letting your competitors do all the work while you watch what succeeds then "borrow" what works ...

Check-out Affiliate Elite.

It's for serious marketers only.

Affiliate Elite. I already own some of the most powerful tools out there today ... I'm talking about several-hundred-dollar a month tools that most marketers have never heard of, and where membership is restricted or closed ... such as Click Flipping and UnderCover Profits. And Competition Dominator. To be honest, I don't think I even mention these elsewhere on this site because I want them for myself! I don't want to share them.

But as this review will indicate ... Affiliate Elite is amazing.

There are 4 projects in Affiliate Elite.

The first one helps me find profitable products in Clickbank and PayDotCom. Products that are selling, and paying good commissions. It's a great tool ... and the tutorial videos taught me a lot, and I thought I was an expert already. However, I have a paid membership elsewhere to do the same kind of thing. (Of course, if you don't have such a membership already, this

Affiliate Elite works magic!
Affiliate Elite
- check it out now!

function alone is terrific value.)

But it's the 2nd one where the first breathtaking element kicks in. You find a website that you know is a successful selling site ... from using the first function, for example ... and Affiliate Elite will tell you EVERY KEYWORD that is being used in Pay-Per-Click advertising to promote that site. Now, that's pretty staggering. Competition Dominator used to give me some guidance towards this ... but I'd have to come up with a probable keyword list using other keyword tools, then let the software check to see if there were actually any ads for each keyword. But Affiliate Elite doesn't do that. It just finds me them ... AND IT DOES IT WITHIN SECONDS. Mind blowing!

Now I've just been handed the keys to the mint. For every keyword I can see the actual PPC ads themselves, the position (first? 8th? 14th?), how much the advertiser is paying, and how many clicks per day they are getting. Look at my options here.

I can choose to compete for those keywords. And "nuke" their ads out by paying just a tad more (to begin with). And I can see their ads, so I can improve on them and beat them out while actually paying LESS than them! If I want to get clever I can also build a keyword list using any of my keyword tools, and remove the keywords already being used for PPC from it ... to see those keywords where I could be getting clicks without any competition!

This is sooo sweet. And it's still just the beginning of Affiliate Elite's magic.

Project 3 is for a special brand of person. The ones who are prepared to be patient ... in return for cast-iron proof of the profitability of the product after taking into account the cost of advertising.

What you do is, plug-in some keywords from Project 2, and then let the software check, every day, whether the ads are STILL RUNNING. Affiliate Marketers aren't idiots. If they are paying for an ad to run for, say, 2 weeks ... it's because that ad is making them sales, and those sales are making them more money than the clicks cost! In other words ... we have a darned good assurance of a profit. But if the ad isn't profitable ... a smart marketer is tracking the ad and he'll pull the plug.

So for example, let's say you track 5 new keywords a day ... 150 a month ... and 10% turn out to be winners. That's 15 winners. If each makes you just $5 a day profit ... that's $2250 a month. And you add more every month ...

Did I say this was sweet? But Affiliate Elite's got one more bit of magic up its sleeve.

Project 4. This is a windfall for anyone with products of their own ... whether developed by themselves, or via out-sourcing, or by editing Private Label material. In a nutshell, using Affiliate Elite you can find out the names and contact information of Affiliates and Super-Affiliates promoting any Clickbank or PayDotCom product! You are then in a position to approach them and make your own Joint Venture (JV)deals. So for example, you might have a product aimed at the weight-loss market. You can find successful products (Project 1) being sold by lots of Affiliates, generate a list of perhaps thousands of Affiliates promoting each product (and even see the sales page), with their contact information ... and in no time have yourself a dream list of JV partners to promote your product.


Affiliate Elite - wow!


 Strong recommendation for anyone wondering how to get started ...

"20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online"

$100 a day is the "First Step" target for a LOT of people wanting to quit their day jobs, ... that's $3000 a month, $36,000 a year. And there are so many ways to achieve this on-line it's almost ridiculous.

But not every method is a "good fit" for what YOU want.

Perhaps you want to deal with people ... or avoid them like the plague. Be "out there" ... or work under a pen name. Maybe you want a "set and forget" opportunity, or one where you constantly want to be "tuned in," which helps keep others out. Do you want an opportunity that doesn't need a web site? Are you OK with one-time income or would you prefer residual fees?

20 ways to make $100 per day online

20 Ways to make $100 per day online

Whatever ... you'll find something in this collection that will suit you.
Along with scores of links to free tools and resources to help you make it happen.

Each solution is described in detail, by a specialist. Even for an experienced marketer there are some great new ideas and insights. For someone new to making money on-line, this is a treasure chest of ideas and resources. But I've been in this game for 3 years now and I picked up some great ideas ... and one so-simple technique that is going to help my daughter pay back her hefty student loan.

Check this out - 20 ways to make $100 per day online!