Basketball Sneakers History

Basketball was invented by James Naismith more than 120 years ago. Since that time both players and footwear manufacturers have been working hard to make this game one of the most popular sports.

Initially, basketball players were using Chuck Taylor canvas shoes featuring rubber soles thanks to Charles Goodyear who invented rubber vulcanization process. More than 500 million pairs of Chucks have been sold ever since. Chucks triumph had finished in 60th after leather upper was introduced on basketball sneakers.

If you're out to find the perfect portable basketball hoop out there, you must know the qualities that make up one. It is easy to be satisfied with polished images as well as strange claims about any product but an excellent research will always put you ahead of the deal.

Nike and Puma entered the basketball footwear market in the beginning of 70th followed by Converse in 1975. In 1983 Nike announced the first basketball sneakers featuring an air sole. This revolutionary solution helped Nike to become an industry leader and Nike is doing a good job to keep this place till our days. Some other companies tried to follow the Air trend but none of them was as successful as Nike.

College basketball is a superb sport to follow, and a place to be aware of personalities of the future as well.

The golden age of basketball shoes started in 1984 when best basketball players became active members of the advertising campaigns. The crucial influence on the popularity of basketball game as well as basketball sneakers was made by Michael Jordan, the Superstar of the modern basketball. Air Jordans came into the basketball market in early 90's and became a true bestseller.

Among the most popular current sporting questions is the one about who exactly is the highest paid NBA player at this time.

There are three different types of basketball shoes: High-tops, Mid-tops as well as low-tops. High-tops are the most favored as they provide maximum ankle support that is essential during sudden starts and stops, quick spins in addition to side-to-side moves. Low-tops are good for fast players who prefer lightweight shoes and consider speed as the key to success. Mid-tops provide the perfect balance between good protection and fairly low weight. In order to get basketball shoes which help you reach your maximum potential it is very important to go with correct shoe size. Since most customers purchase footwear online, trying shoes on before purchase gets difficult. To help you get right size from the first try we recommend using shoe size conversion tables. We recommend visiting several different websites and review available sizing tables in order to make right choice. Remember that each footwear brand is using its own shoe size chart and also specifies footwear sizing in various sizing systems, such as US, UK, European, etc.

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