Best Anti Aging Skin Lotions Or Botox - A Fool Proof Strategy Vs A Foolish Choice

Thinking that botox may not be the correct decision after all? Do you believe that the best wrinkle cream might be a better solution for your age reversing needs? Well, if you do feel that way, then you have most certainly arrived at the right place. Below you'll find 5 reasons that proves botox just is not worth your money or time; especially when you consider the fact that the best wrinkle creams are readily available.

Mental health in aging is a substantial subject of investigation in the world of science today. One important way of dealing with the indications of depression symptoms in older folks is the usage of "exergames." Exergames are inviting video games that mingle exercise and games that significantly improves mental health.

Limited Use: Botox is approved to be used on an exceptionally small percentage of your face. How small? Just 5% of the face can be treated with botox; that's it. On the flip side, the best anti aging wrinkle lotions can be utilized on any part of the face, even right next to the eyes.

Though numerous supplements promise to address the anti-aging market, LifeVantage has the science to support it. The company's lead product provides more than 40 years of research behind it.

Weak Long Term Results: When botox injections are given continually over time, there exists a large chance that skin and/or nerve damage may occur. Will nerve or skin damage be a concern while using the top age defying anti wrinkle cream? To put it simply: No, as in No Way and No How.

Potentially Harmful: The reason why botox treatments are approved for just 5% of the face is because it's a poison. Botox patients have little to no clue they're literally being injected with a exceptionally dangerous substance; a bacterial neurotoxin known as botulinum. And despite what you may think, that sentence isn't by any means slander -- it's a guaranteed fact and they'll tell you no different if you go down to the office.

At the moment, there is a significant interest in for any type of anti aging product. Recent research also brought forth various anti aging treatments to employ in our quest for timeless youth. Vitamin C anti aging supplements especially are very popular due to their effective outcomes.

It Just Isn't Enough: As far as dealing with the signs of aging goes, botox injections just are not good enough. Why? Due to the fact that botox treatments only take care of one aspect of aging: motion wrinkles. Unlike the best anti aging wrinkle creams, it's not going to fix age spots, under eye-bags, discoloration, skin blemishes, overly dry skin, and/or any other symptom of aging. So simply speaking, you stop one problem only to be left with dozens more. Does that really sound like a great deal for $800 dollars or more?

Plenty of people have given up ALL hope regarding face wrinkle creams. They tried them, saw the AWFUL results, after which they went on to other anti aging techniques. This is truly regrettable, because if they had just put in a little more effort, almost all their aging dilemmas would have been eliminated!

Immensely Pricey: The top anti aging wrinkle creams can in fact be a bit on the expensive side. On the other hand, "pricey" has totally different connotations when you find yourself comparing these 2 anti aging treatments. While a great wrinkle cream could cost $150 dollars or so over a few months, just one botox treatment will cost anywhere from $700 to $900 all up front. Given that botox treatments are not permanent and must be done periodically throughout the year, the expense can quickly build into 1000s of dollars every year.

The planet belongs to the youth! Or at least it seems to be this way. There is no arguing about whether it pays to have a youthful appearance.

Didn't I tell you there are 5 good reasons why botox injections just aren't worth your time? You betcha -- and now you know I wasn't kidding around. If these five reasons cannot persuade you that the best anti aging creams truly are better for your skin, then maybe you should schedule a meeting for a poisonous botox treatment.

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