Paid Game Testing Jobs - Follow This 3 Step Technique

Paid video game testing can be loads of fun, but you must also know that it's not always enjoyable. A pro game tester has to do work and complete the duties assigned to him. If he doesn't do his work efficiently or if he merely works on his tasks as though they're not a big deal, it's likely he won't be a paid beta video game tester for too long. After hearing that, if you're still enthusiastic about testing game titles for pay, then follow the 3 simple steps below.

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1. Everyone Is A Contact

Every person you speak with (whom works with video games) ought to be considered as a potential resource which you can use. This person could be the starting point that enables you to land that first, all important game testing job. This individual might have the ability to inform you about brand new testing jobs opening up; those of which are never actively talked about. He (or she) could even pull strings with some "top" people and get game testing assignments when you need them most. In short, they might be your "lucky ticket" for getting into the the universe of video game testing; hence, be as professional and as friendly as possible with everyone you speak to.

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2. Test Video Games Free Of Charge

It might make you sick to your stomach to do work, if you call game testing work, without pay; but it is a necessary evil to get your foot through the door. Offer your game testing skills to gaming companies and developers and let them know that you are prepared to test their game titles entirely free of charge. Since game development companies almost never pay more on testing than is needed, they'll be more than glad to benefit from your offer. After one or two free testing assignments, you should have a good heap of references ready & waiting for those paid game testing jobs.

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3. You Must Get Active

Don't expect testing opportunities to fall out of the stars and hit you in the head -- it's not that simple or that quick. In all seriousness, you need to get yourself out and about and start contacting game development companies directly. Let them know what you do, who you are, and how big an asset you could be to their organization; whether it be a permanent position or a temporary one. If you present a strong case, There's No reason why you would be rejected.

Don't kid yourself; you aren't going to be the first pick of a major game developer when you first start applying for video game tester jobs.

Paid beta game testing is incredibly rewarding -- but, be sure to not get in over your head, because there is real work involved with this sort of job!

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Paid video game beta testing can be lots of fun, but you should also realize that it is not always fun. A video game tester is required to do work and complete the tasks assigned to him.

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Don't kid yourself; you aren't going to be the first pick of a major game developer when you first start applying for video game tester jobs.

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