Sneak Peak Of The Latest Fashion From Impressive Designers: Fashion Week Around The World

Us girls love fashion without a doubt. The excitement by the eyesight of and looking for those coveted clothes and shoes is most of the time beyond words. Right now picture yourself in the world's high fashion capitals surrounded by impeccably-dressed men and women in the fashion industry possibly even, brushing elbows or even sitting side by side along with them during a famed designer's show. Ah, sheer fashion pleasure.

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Fashion weeks are held throughout the world which has at least a textile and fashion industry. But the most famous, or simply just renowned, of them are conducted in the following metropolitan areas: Paris, New York, London and Milan. These are trade events that feature design assortments of up-and-coming to legendary designers to the press and buyers and are usually bi-annual and categorized according to the seasons - Spring/Summer (usually from September - Oct) and Autumn or Fall/Winter (usually from February - March).

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Fashion weeks are a week-long affair with troops of fashion bigwigs and enthusiasts in attendance: magazine editors, store buyers, super stars, bloggers, fashion journalists, and many more. Fashion fantasies and dreams come true in flurries of textile, tailoring, embroidery, color and style achievements in the forms of gowns, dresses, hats, bags, shoes, among other pieces that make you want to scream "One for my wardrobe!"

Fashion shows are sometimes held in different venues and do not start right on schedule so going from one venue to another can be pretty complicated and exhausting. But once the light dims, only the runway is illuminated and models come out dressed in trend-setting garb, everything is worth it. The parade of clothes and style right before our amused eyes not only make us re-evaluate our current wardrobe selections but also make us believe that fashion can be an art.

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Want to attend the next Fashion Week 2011? Miami is holding there International Fashion Week Miami March 3-6! For more information click here. For Fashion Week New York Watch for upcoming collections to be shown from September 8 - 15, 2011 (Spring/Summer assortments) and from February 9 - 16, 2012 (Fall/Winter collections)

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