What Do You Have To Learn About Hair Loss In Females

The majority of us are used to seeing bald men, but hair loss in females is also a normal occurrence, and approximately thirty million women in the United States are now losing their hair.

Normally hair grows at the amount of about a half inch every month and the average person loses about 100-125 hairs daily, which are then replaced with new hairs. Baldness occurs when the hair falls out but is not replenished by new hair.

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Just as men and women differ in so many other ways, they also vary in the way, in which their hair thins out. A man tends to lose his hair as a consequence of a genetic predisposition associated with maturing. He usually experiences a receding hairline followed by a bare patch behind the crown of the head.

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On the other hand, hair loss in females rarely occurs as a result of genetic factors, and you will probably never see a totally bald woman unless she suffers from the more serious side effects of chemotherapy. Females usually lose their hair slowly from all parts of the head. Although many women find that their hair recedes after going through menopause, balding can happen at any time and usually results from a previous medical condition.

Certain kinds of auto immune disorders create a hair loss problem known as alopecia areata. This inflammatory disorder causes the hair to come out in patches as the body's immune system inadvertently attacks the hair follicles. Several methods of treatment are available but presently no definitive cure is presently known.

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Telogen effluvium, another common condition, is a temporary hair loss problem. It often follows childbirth, crash dieting, surgery or a traumatic emotional occurrence. This condition usually resolves on its own after the precipitating event ceases.

Hair removal is definitely an important practice if you are a woman. No person loves to have hair over their face. You'll be able to eliminate these unnecessary hair in several ways. Both of permanent and temporary procedures for hair removal are offered.

Other medical conditions such as lupus, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid problems, anemia or hormonal imbalances can often cause hair loss in females. Even taking particular medications can lead to hair loss. Some of the more common causes are ibuprofen, antidepressants, hypertension drugs, anticoagulants and chemotherapy.

Hair thinning in women is becoming a really prevalent problem in the modern world. This is the reason Provillus for women, a special treatment exclusive for female baldness, is fast becoming a popular product. But does Provillus for women work?

When coping with hair loss in women a correct diagnosis is important, so that any dormant physical problem can be corrected first. Fortunately for a significant percentage of women, their hair loss can be treated, and therefore is merely a temporary condition.

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