Xbox 360 Slim Hard Disk Drive: Some Appropriate Information You Should Consider

For individuals that may be acquiring the Xbox 360 Slim this week, there's one thing that you have to know pertaining to the xbox 360 slim hard drive that is definitely outfitted on the machine.

We already know that the hard disk from previous versions aren't completely compatible on the latest Slim machine. Nevertheless, the 250GB harddrive that is included with the system can be extracted and be replaced. No this is not like the PlayStation 3 where you can merely acquire a cheap brand notebook disk drive and put it in, instead, Microsoft is practicing what they're great at and forcing customers to buy xbox 360 slim hard drive.

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Recently there has been statement at all on the hard disk drive which can be used on the Slim ones. I know that it's pending simply because you can take out the disc drive on the Slim unit and replace it with another. The sole question is, when and how much?

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In a contemporary dialogue with the Xbox Support Team, they declared that xbox 360 slim hard drives furnished on the Xbox 360 Slim can be replaced with a standard disk drive, HOWEVER, you have to break the container to make sure that it fits in the enclosure. The assistance agent didn't specifically approve of it, BUT, it's possible. He advised to just wait for Microsoft to declare an endorsed hard drive to avert breaching the warranty.

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