The History Of The Earliest And Best Produced Ford Vehicle

Of all the Ford SUV models, the Ford Bronco was the first SUV to be put into construction in 1966 with over 23,000 units bought. Regardless of the early production schedule, this Ford SUV did not come widely into public recognition until 1994, at the time of O.J. Simpson and close friend Al Cowlings where broadcasting on air during a car chase. With its successor, the Ford Expedition in 1996 (both constructed at Ford's Michigan Truck Plant), it also makes it the longest made Ford SUV with 30 years in production.

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During the year of 1996, Ford officially decided to stop the generation of the Bronco with the last of the Broncos rolling off the production line on June 12, 1996. Now with 9 Ford SUVs presently in production, the Ford Bronco created a solid stepping stone for Fords technical engineers and designers. The currently manufactured Ford SUVs include the Escape, Territory, Kuga, Everest, Flex, Excursion, Expedition, Taurus X, and the Explorer.

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The Bronco may be break into two different types, the full size Broncos, and the original Broncos. The redesign of the Bronco got into action on 1978 boasting an optional large 400 cubic inch engine. The standing engine getting the 351m v8. During next year, the Bronco saw an addition of the catalytic converter which is a tool used to take out chemicals from the exhaust of an automobile.

The next model change came in the early 1980's with important changes which includes the shorter Bronco with the new live front axle Dana 44 Twin traction Beam. This gave the Bronco better control, but also, deteriorated tires travel when utilizing larger tires. Now coming back with the original Ford logo, Ford also made the decision to use a smaller base engine than the previous version to increase fuel economy.

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These changes remained new until 1987 when this Ford SUV took an additional redesign of the body. By 1988 all new Broncos came regular with electric powered fuel injection which has been the most effective technique to deliver fuel to an engine. One leading new option that came during 1987, was the option of a 5-speed manual transmission which has been a first for the Ford Bronco.

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If that wasn't enough the Ford Bronco had 3 additional option for the transmission. Now for 1992 arrived the last changes for the Ford Bronco before being withdrawn. This change came with the most dramatic change of the body, with a lot more aerodynamic feel in mind. The three speed automatic was taken off the list of selections for the Ford Bronco which made 3 options for the transmission.

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With the 1992 redesign, the Ford SUVs had far more safety in consideration with older versions like the addition of passenger side airbags in 1994. One minor change was the selection of blue and maroon leather seats which was first offered in 1992 and persisted until 1996. It has been a longer ride for the Ford Bronco, and you can notice the value given to it with the similar designs of other Ford SUVs.

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